The Productivity Consultation


Getting a bit bogged down? Need a firm kick up the butt? I’m here for you!

Getting a bit bogged down? Perhaps you’ve taken on a new role and are struggling to get your workload under control? Maybe you have a side hustle, and just don’t know how to build it with the hours you have left in your week. I will help you find those hours with a quick blast of my magic wand.

If you need a Drill Sergeant to tell you to JUST DO IT, I can be that person. If you need someone to hold your hand and coach you through a stressful week and what next steps to take to get back on track, I can also be that person. I'm not here for sympathy, I'm here with a clear, solution-focused approach.

You get one hour with me, plus two products from my Productivity Booster range to help you on your way, plus a ten-minute mid-week accountability call to see how you are getting on.


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