Welcome back for Step 2 of your New Financial Year, New You challenge! Last week we took a long hard look at the finances, and I told you the steps I take as Your Productivity Guru to ensure my money is all present and correct for the end of the year. This week I want to look at an audit. Yes, I know. Yawn, nodding off, how boring. But it is essential if you want everything to keep running smoothly and, if you really commit to it, I know you can blast this out in a weekend!

Update and verify your contacts

As time goes by, businesses and people may change their email addresses, numbers, and physical location. Some companies may cease to exist altogether, and not all of them will do you the common courtesy of letting you know. You’ll therefore understand why I recommend an audit of all your business associates, suppliers and clients. Just drop them a message in the way you would normally contact them, and explain you are doing an update and can they verify their best contact details. If you only have one way of contacting them, consider asking for other information. An email address and contact telephone number is the bare minimum I take for my clients, and I always get an address when we proceed with a contract.

You should also make sure you are holding their information within GDPR and data protection. If you aren’t sure what this means, you can find more information here.

Review your website

Like your associates, you’ve likely changed a few things in the past year too, especially if you are in your first year or two of business. You therefore need to have a good old audit of your website.

  • Update your SEO: Tools like Yoast can help you get this right if you’re not confident.
  • Check your contact information is accurate: Imagine if it wasn’t and your client was unable to contact you as a result? Not cool, bruh (as my son would say!).
  • Do a full link check: Go through each page and click every single link to make sure there are no broken links. If there are, make a list of the broken ones and fix them all in one go (remember Task Batching) and then review them one final time.
  • Review your privacy policy and terms and conditions documents: If you use WP Autoterms it is just a case of adding or removing anything that is no longer accurate. If you don’t use WP Autoterms, you can find templates online for free to get you started.

Tidy up your electronics

If you’re anything like me at the Productivity Guru HQ, you’ll have a few bits of tech. I have a desktop PC with dual screen, an iPad Air, my iPhone, an Apple Watch, a laptop…. SO MANY SCREENS! But each of them serves a purpose. Here’s what I do every month for all of my devices:

Mobile Phone/Tablet:

Delete photos such as screenshots, duplicate photographs and rubbish I’ve been sent from the group chat. I love my friends but I get a lot of carnage. I also delete any apps I haven’t used in the past month, such as games I don’t play, productivity tools I haven’t gotten along with, and timesaving tools that actually don’t save time.


Go through your downloads and your desktop, and file everything you need to keep, deleting the things you don’t need. Do you use Canva? If you use it properly and all your images are saved there, why do you also have them in your computer? TURF THEM! And if you are not using Canva properly, I recommend you start doing that now.

Take inventory

Do you know what assets your business has? If not, why not? If you sell a physical product, you should have a comprehensive inventory. For those who don’t, start now. Record what you have and how much of it.

You should also have an inventory of your business assets, such as tools, equipment, electronics, furniture and more. I personally keep this, but I don’t do a whole lot with this information, because it’s fairly nominal – all my tools and equipment are in the cloud. You’re likely in the same boat, but it’s useful to have the physical stuff recorded for insurance purposes.

The last word

Audits are a great low-energy-high-impact task, good for when you are just waking up, when you are tiring on an evening, or when you are wanting to relax a bit over the weekend. I really enjoy sinking down into a good audit, as it is a great reminder of just how far your business has come.

Need a hand getting started? I’ve got just the thing for you!

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