If COVID-19 has taught us something during nearly a year of lockdowns, it is that anything is possible. I bet 13 months ago, none of us expected to be ordered by the government to stay at home unless we were working on the ‘front line’ like soldiers fighting an unseen enemy. From my perspective, it has been very interesting to see who has risen to the challenge, and who has struggled – it is not always the people I would have expected. Look at myself! A year ago I was laying on a yoga mat in the garden reading the Dollanganger series and getting a suntan. Now, a year on, I am running my own business as a virtual assistant and productivity guru, and actually doing pretty well, which I absolutely did not expect.

I credit my success, for the most part, to my son’s autism. You see, Jack thrives on routine. If we don’t follow the basics, we can expect a bad day. So despite him being out of school, I’ve kept going throughout. We have gotten up at a normal time, done the same things each day, eating our meals at regular times… and so when I decided to up my game and start a business, I already had learned the fundamentals – from my 8 year old! Having a solid morning routine has enabled me to succeed in ways I thought impossible and it has been instrumental in my recovery from a decade of disability. Here’s why you need a solid morning routine too.


 It gives you comfort during uncertainty

Throughout each lockdown, I stayed sane because of my morning routine. Despite the fact that we were in totally uncharted territory, I knew that my day would have some consistency no matter what, because I was creating that consistency.

Even just knowing that I was going to have a coffee at 7am was a great comfort to me. Now, a year on, I still have my coffee first before I do anything else, and it creates an excellent starting point for my day.


It makes the morning easier

Having a pre-planned road map makes that pain of waking up and having to get moving seem much less of a hassle. You can set everything up so that it is ready for you, for example, if the first thing you do is make coffee, you can put a mug by the kettle the night before, and keep your medication by the kettle so that you see it first thing in the morning and therefore don’t forget to take it. Knowing instinctively what you need to do will take away the taxing business of thinking while you’re still waking up.

Even when you’re not feeling it, you can do it

Have you ever heard of the murder of Peter Porco? He was a judge, murdered by his greedy son. But we aren’t here to talk about that… you see, Peter was bludgeoned, but his morning routine was so heavily programmed into him, that he was able (in a zombie-like state) to get up and conduct parts of his morning routine before succumbing to his injuries. He had done the same thing for years, to the point it was literally a part of his autosomal nervous system. If he can do it with severe brain damage, you too can programme your brain to do your morning routine!


Starting as you mean to go on…

If you get your day off to a good start, it creates resilience. No matter what happens, it’ll be harder for challenges to throw you off your game. A good morning, turns into a good day.

Does your morning routine need an overhaul? Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing some of my top success tips. Watch this space or sign up for my emails!

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