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Spicy Brain Magic and online business support services for the neurodivergent entrepreneur

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Award-winning Business Support for the Neurospicy Entrepreneur

Are you always busy chasing your tail?

I know how you feel. Busy and Productive are not synonymous, and it is possible to be both, neither, or either one. Add in a dollop of ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, and whatever else you’ve been living with this whole time, and its easy to see why you’re feeling overwhelmed.

As a neurodivergent parent to a neurodivergent child, I feel I am uniquely able to get into the mind of my clients, bridging the gap between planning and execution, drawing out the creativity in your beautiful mind, and easing the burden when it comes to tasks your brain doesn’t like.

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About Me

I’m Stephanie

…and I’m the fairy godmother you and your business has always wanted. 

I am magic. It’s true. Ask my clients. 

My team and I can provide a wide range of services to support you and your business. I bring that Spicy Brain Energy and a wide range of skills and expertise, working my magic in the background so you can work your own magic with your clients and customers.

How Can We Help?

Our Online Business Services


Access to Work Support

From initial paperwork to support worker services and beyond, let us hold your hand through the entire process.


Marketing Support

Got a plan? Struggling with the execution? Need some fresh eyes? We can help with a range of platforms including social media, email marketing and more, from strategy development to graphic design.


Productivity Support

Creating systems to enable you to live a sustainable life, using tools such as Google suite, Notion, and more.

Why Choose Us

Working our Magic so You Can work yours

Our team work with you as an individual, focusing on solutions to your problems, creating systems where there are none, and giving you clarity in chaos. We are extremely flexible and versatile, and can work with whatever you present to us, however you present it!.

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Customer's Feedback

Here are customer’s reviews and testimonials of my existing clients. My services are loved and positively rated by 99% of my existing customers. I don’t compromise on customer’s satisfaction.

I really value all the "techy stuff" - I can come to Steph with a concept and she finds a way to turn it into something easy to use and often better than I imagined. I could muddle my way through these things eventually, but it's so valuable to be able to hand it off and know that I don't have to devote brain space to it. Ideas become reality much quicker than I could achieve on my own.

    Anna Knight

    Founder, Anna Knight Coaching

    Stephanie has helped me immensely over the past month and it's all so well laid out, easy to understand, and transferrable to all areas of my life. It has helped my daughter too as she asked me what I was doing and has looked through all the information and has taken it on board. Stephanie is always on hand to point me in the right direction and is so understanding and accommodating. Thank you for everything


      Productivity Services Client

      Stephanie and the team make stuff happen. The stuff you don't quite get around to doing. The stuff that you haven't thought about for a while, but probably should do something about. The stuff for your own business that doesn't get done because you're so focused on delivering for your clients and customers. Stuff for your clients and customers that you really shouldn't be doing yourself, but you do anyway because you think it's cheaper, or quicker, or blah blah blah. Stephanie *sees* you. She doesn't just raise your game, she takes it to a whole other level. Or just gives you a hand when you need it most. Whatever you need.

        Lucy Kamall

        Former Virtual Assistant Services Client

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